Donegal Woodland Owners Society Limited, (DWOSL) is a wood fuel supply co-operative which supports and promotes timber plantation and timber marketing. Our members are dedicated to developing a sustainable approach to energy use.  Join us today!

Machinery Hire

Timber cutting machine for small diameter firewood - available for hire from DWOSL.
Machinery for hardwood thinnings - available for hire from DWOSL.
13.5t timber trailer - available for hire from DWOSL.
Tipping Trailer for cut wood - available for hire from DWOSL.

Forest Machinery Hire

Donegal Woodland Owners Society Ltd allows its timber cutting machinery to be hired out to its members.

Prices include a professionally, trained and insured operator and tractor. Large jobs quoted on request.

Timber cutting machines for small diameter firewood
Machinery for hardwood thinnings
Timber trailers
Tipping trailers

As our co-operative society expands so too will our timber cutting machinery.